Objectives for Lesson 9

In this lesson, your ADI will make sure that you can achieve the following skills –

  • Observe and scan when turning either left or right
  • Negotiate junctions
  • Change direction under more complex and challenging driving conditions

Included in this lesson is to allow you to make independent driving decisions wherever available and make use of dual carriageways.

Minimum Coverage of Lesson 9

You will be asked by your ADI to drive in traffic under various busy road conditions. You should also make adequate interaction with other road users while you make independent decisions which route you want to take.

Expected Results for Lesson 9

At the end of lesson 9, you should learn how to do the following –

  • Safely change your course with utmost care taking into account adequate traffic controls
  • Change your course safely with utmost care for other road users
  • Yield to other users and make appropriate progress
  • Safely change course using the MSMM routine without being prompted to do so

Preparation for the Next Lesson

To attain the expected results for the next lesson, you should complete Lesson 1 to 9.

You should also maintain open communication with your ADI specifically with regards to your lessons, which according to their advice, you may also have completed some or the entire lessons from 10, 11 and 12. This is because the lessons can be taken in no particular order.

Before you start the next lesson, you should also ask your ADI what study materials you can have, practice and driving lessons to take.

Practice Makes Perfect

To maintain a certain degree of confidence in attaining the required objectives, you should also read the expected outcomes of the next lesson that you agreed with your ADI and did enough practice under supervision of your ADI or Sponsor or both. You should have also done some relevant study.

For at least three hours, you should also practice the following –

  • Use primary observation techniques especially when changing routes in more complicated and challenging driving conditions

  • Independently make driving decisions

You should also read the section on changing directions and observations under the Rules of the Road.

Finally, make sure you acted upon any feedback given by your ADI at the conclusion of your previous EDT lesson.