Objectives of Lesson 10

In this lesson, your ADI will make sure that you are able to maintain and regulate the speed of your vehicle in more complicated and challenging driving conditions.

Minimum Coverage of Lesson 10

Throughout the course of lesson 10, your ADI will ask you to drive within a fast-moving traffic or where speeds vary widely. For instance, you are asked to drive where the speed limits or traffic conditions vary widely. Independent driving may also be included in this lesson.

Expected Results for Lesson 10

In lesson 10, you should be able to do the following without being prompted by your ADI:

  • Manage and regulate your speed
  • Safely drive within a fast-moving traffic
  • Safely drive when speeds vary widely
  • Make independent decisions under challenging conditions

You are also expected to describe safe driving in fast-moving traffic under varying weather conditions.

You are expected to explain how to use the primary controls of the vehicle while complying with speed limits and how it affects the environment.

Preparation for the Next Lesson

In order to attain the expected results for the next lesson, you should complete lesson 1 to lesson 8 and lesson 10.

With your ADI, you should discuss your lessons which according to their judgment you may also have completed the lessons 9, 11, 12 – whether some or whole. The reason is because Lessons 9 to 12 can be taken without any particular order.

Before you begin the next lesson, you should know the recommended study materials, practice or driving lessons to take from your ADI.

Practice Makes Perfect

In order be confident in attaining the expected objectives, you should read the required outcomes for the next lesson, which will be agreed between you and your ADI. You should also do enough practice under the supervision of your ADI or Sponsor or both and do relevant study as well.

For at least three hours, you should practice regulating and controlling the speed of your vehicle under more complicated and challenging driving conditions.

Under the Rules of the Road, you should read the sections involving speed management.

Finally, you should also act upon any feedback given by your ADI at the conclusion of your previous EDT lesson.