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The easier alternative in learning to drive would be to try switching to an automatic. An automatic car is much easier to start, stop, and steer.

It has just two pedals (accelerator and brake) and far fewer headaches for the novice driver. The big advantage of an automatic is that there's no clutch pedal. That means you won't have to worry about stalling, crashing your gears, or finding the bite point.

Call us on 085 11811 11 and we'll help you find out if an automatic car gives you a more confident view of the road.

You can concentrate on the road while your car's automatic gearbox sorts out the gear changes for you. We've helped many nervous pupils to pass their driving test in an automatic. With fewer mechanical distractions, they found the time to concentrate on the .essentials of road sense and safe handling of the car. They gained a new sense of freedom and self-assurance.


PASS your driving test in just 2 weeks. Intensive driving courses for all levels of ability.

Learning to drive doesn't have to take months. If you're in a real hurry to pass your test – for a job, during college holidays, or new to Ireland – we can reduce an entire course to a few days or weeks of high-power, intensive tuition.

Intensive driving lessons don't suit everyone. To make the most of it, you have to be committed. You have to know what you want, and be focused on achieving it. If that's you, our intensive driving courses could get you to test level in just 12 days.