Objectives of Lesson 7

In the seventh EDT lesson, your ADI will make sure that you can drive with proper care and focus to the road and traffic status. This will include taking appropriate measures to identify potential hazards.

Minimum Coverage of Lesson 7

In this lesson, you must drive under varying road conditions such as junctions and streets with parked cars.

In addition, you will also drive on streets with significant number of pedestrians so your interaction with them becomes substantial. This will allow you to give way to other road users specifically how and when to do it. Your ADI should instruct you to deal with any emergency vehicles whenever necessary.

Expected Results for Lesson 7

By the end of Lesson 7, you are expected to demonstrate how to safely enter, cross and join roads. You are also expected to know how to safely park on roads where other road users are present. Once you complete the lesson, you should be able to pass along stationary and slow moving vehicles, cyclists or other users with the highest degree of safety and responsibility possible. You should be able to give way to other users wherever and whenever necessary as well as deal with emergency vehicles.

Preparation for Lesson 8

In order to attain the expected results for Lesson 8, you should complete Lesson 1 to 7.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to maintain certain levels of confidence in attaining the required objectives, you should do the following –

  • Read and understand the expected results of the next lesson, which will be agreed between you and your ADI
  • Do enough practice with your ADI or Sponsor or both
  • Do relevant study

Moreover, you should also practice for a minimum of three hours driving with utmost care and focus to the road and traffic status. This will also include taking appropriate measure once you have identified the hazards.

The section on Rules of the Road that you need to deal with includes the following –

  • Road sharing
  • Safe driving through traffic

You should also act upon any feedback given by your ADI upon completion of your last EDT lesson.