Objectives of Lesson 11

Throughout the course of lesson 11, you will be driving independently, where you will make your own decisions. Your ADI will make sure that you will remain calm as you control your vehicle under varying conditions where you may be – exasperated, feel threatened and frustrated.

Your ADI will also make sure that you know and understand the basics of being fit to drive and the safe load for vehicles.

Minimum Coverage of Lesson 11

In Lesson 11, you will experience driving under conditions like –

  • Entering junctions while driving independently
  • Joining busy main roads
  • Parking on a road with substantial amount of parked cars and moderate traffic volumes
  • Simulating the stalling and restarting of your car

The lesson will also cover –

  • Adequate planning for a journey
  • Fitness of the passengers to travel

Expected Results for Lesson 11

Upon the conclusion of lesson 11, you are expected to demonstrate the following skills –

  • Properly anticipate and react to other users of the road
  • Drive safely and independently without being prompted or hesitating
  • Provide explanation on how to deal with distractions including peer pressure
  • Recover promptly and smoothly when the vehicle stalls
  • Recover properly and smoothly when conditions force you to make a stop

You are also expected to explain the conditions that will cause you to become unfit for driving including the effects alcohol, drugs, injury, heightened emotions, and lack of sleep, prescribed medication and sickness.

Additionally, you should also be able to explain the possible consequences – for your safety and that of the passengers as well as other road users – of driving under unfit condition including its legal implications.

Upon completion of the lesson, you will also describe the possible consequences of carrying passengers that will bring distraction to you and explain the following –

  • Effects of full load to the vehicle
  • Safe and secure loading of the vehicle
  • Importance of carrying enough passengers as prescribed by the vehicle