Objectives of Lesson 8

In the eighth EDT lesson, your ADI will make sure that you can drive with utmost care and attention especially if there’s significant amount of traffic.

Minimum Coverage of Lesson 8

Lesson 8 will focus on the following –

  • Defensive driving
  • Recognition of risks associated to the safety of others
  • Cooperating with other users of the road

In this lesson, you will drive under varied busy traffic conditions so you can have substantial interaction with other road users.

Expected Results for Lesson 8

Upon completion of Lesson 8, you are expected to demonstrate the following skills –

  • Acting properly and decisively as you drive through traffic
  • Provide description of actual and potential risks you can incur to other road users and deal with them properly
  • Use defensive driving techniques without any form of hesitation or prevent reasonable progress
  • Cooperate with other road users

Preparation for Lesson 9 to Lesson 12

Be reminded that the subsequent lesson could be any of the lessons from 9 to 12 since you can take these lessons in no particular order.

In order to attain the expected results from the next lesson, no matter what that would be, you should have completed lesson 1 to lesson 8.

You should also seek the advice of your ADI particularly on what relevant material you can study, practice and driving lessons you should take before you begin the next lesson.

Practice Makes Perfect

To maintain a certain degree of confidence in attaining the learning objectives, you should read the expected results for your next lesson depending on your agreement with your ADI. In addition, you should also have done enough practice with your ADI or Sponsor or both and did relevant study.

Practice should be done for at least three hours in particular and you should drive with utmost care and attention especially under circumstances where there is significant amount of traffic.

You should also read the section involving driving safely through traffic under the Rules of the Road.

Any feedback given to you by your ADI should be acted upon at the conclusion of your last EDT lesson.