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Rathgar Test Centre, 75 Orwell Road, Dublin 6

  • 75 Orwell Rd., Rathgar, D 6
  • Waiting time10 weeks
  • Pass rate as a testing center - 39.78%

As the saying goes this test center separates the men from the boys (in terms of driving schools that is). This test center requires you to have the ability to advance scan and plan while having the ability to show caution where you need but make sufficient progress where you can. Extremely blind junctions, narrow one way streets lots of parked cars both ways where sufficient clearance is essential. If you don't prepare properly at this test center you will find it difficult. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. You will pass if you give us the time to show you how it's done.

For this test centre you will need to be on top of your game. Some tight streets, steep gradients and some blind junctions. Vehicle control will need to be excellent while observation, sufficent clearance and good reaction to hazards are essential. Like all of our pupils if you prepare correctly here and put in the effort then you will pass.

Finglas Test Centre, Jamestown Business Park, D11

  • Jamestown Business Park, Jamestown Rd., Finglas
  • Waiting time 9 weeks
  • Pass rate as a test center - 40.80%Finglas Test Route Area

Once again if you have prepared correctly you will pass with ease. However you do need time to get used some of the more complex junction layouts. The ability to change lane with correct observation is essential and you will encounter lots of HGV traffic and merging bus lanes, whilst on some dual carriageway driving. A high standard of driving and vehicle control is expected and watch out for the series of wagon wheel roundabouts that are close together and very small to negotiate. The trick is to take the risk out of failing and let us guide you all the way through.

Give yourself time to get to grips with the test routes around the Finglas test centre as they are far from straight forward. You have some bus lanes and speed limit changes and some complicated traffic controlled junctions to negotiate. Good observation, ability to change lanes and sufficient clearance is essential but over all a high standard of driving and vehicle control is expected. Take the risk out of failing and let one of our instructors guide you all the way to passing the test with one of our pretest driving lessons in Finglas.


Tallaght Test Centre, 52 Broomhill Road, Dublin 24

  • Premier Business Park, 52 Broomhill Rd., Tallaght D 24
  • Waiting time 10 weeks,
  • Tallaght Test Route AreaPass rate as a testing center - 40.81%

It is probably one of the easier test centers in which to sit the test. Test routes are very progressive with good ease of entry and exit on most junctions. The industrial estate itself where the test center is based itself can be quite busy with HGV vehicles coming and going so extra scanning and anticipation will be required. There are some difficult areas in terms of one way streets and bus only streets and some very detailed luas line intersections coupled with difficult traffic controls at these luas intersections. There may be some carriageway driving also. We have the highest pass rate in Tallaght and proven time and time again delivering the best pass results as verified on our site.

"The test route in Tallaght is a well balanced with ease of entry and exits on most junctions.Industrial estate can be quite busy at times and advanced scanning and reacting promptly to hazards and good anticipation is crucial. It can have plenty of roundabouts and some of the road markings are hard to see as they are worn."

From Broomhill test centre and in no particular order some of the areas are: Kilnamanagh, Tymon North, Greenhills Road, Airton road,Tallaght Bypass, Spring Field, Cookstown, Bancroft Park, Old Bawn, Milbrook, Belgard Heights/road, and back to test centre.

Just like all our pupils who pass we will bring you on the exact test routes and tell you the exact questions and give you all of the information you need to inevitably PASS your test too. Get pretest driving lessons in Tallaght with the RSA Driving School to ensure your success.


Raheny Test Centre, 4 All Saints Park, Dublin 5

Raheny Test Route Area

An overall high standard of driving is required on the Rahen Test Centre routes. Mirrors, observation, road position and hazard perception are essential. Our pupils are passing here due to the content, quality and accuracy of our pretest work. It's a costly business failling so present yourself to us and we will do the rest just like with all our pupil past, present and future. Get your pretest driving lessons in Raheny with the RSA Driving School to ensure you pass first time.