Objectives for Lesson 6

For the sixth EDT lesson, your ADI will make sure that you know how to carry out safe scanning of the environment for potential hazards as well as identify and respond potential hazards properly.

Minimum Coverage of Lesson 6

In this lesson, your ADI will make you drive under various road conditions such as – junctions, roads with multiple warning signs, roads with poor visibility like bends with tree cover or hill brows, streets with parked cars and streets with substantial number of pedestrians.

This particular lesson will help you deal potential hazards related with blind spots, crossings, motorcyclists and cyclists, parked vehicles, pedestrians, road junctions, road works and roundabouts.

If it is not possible to cover one or more of these areas when you’re driving, your ADI will ask questions about them which you should know how to answer.

Expected Results for Lesson 6

In Lesson 6, you are expected to demonstrate your skill of scanning the environment to properly identify and respond to potential hazards. In addition, you should be able to consider varying potential hazards by knowing the proper speed and gear, keeping a safe braking distance and braking properly.

In addition, you should also be able to explain the potential impacts of driving under varying conditions such as driving at night, in fog, in the rain and in snow.

You are also expected to demonstrate how to identify hazards and deal with them in a timely manner.

Preparation for Lesson 7

In order to meet the expected results for Lesson 7, you should have completed lesson 1 to 6.

Practice Makes Perfect

In order to keep your confidence in meeting the required objectives, you should read about the expected results from the lesson and have done enough practice under the supervision of your ADI or Sponsor or both. You should also study on relevant subjects.

In particular, you should practice for at least three hours to apply your knowledge on scanning the environment for potential hazards so you can respond properly.

The Rules of the Road, particularly the sections involving correct reactions and anticipation as well as road sharing, should also be read.

At the conclusion of your last EDT lesson, you should also act upon the feedback given by your ADI.