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A Driving School Loughlinstown Locals Will Love


Vicky Hanna

Vicky Hanna had driving lessons in Terenure and passed in Tallaght.

I was a very nervous learner driver but had a fantastic instructor who was encouraging, calm and patient and explained everything to me clearly. More than that, he taught me to DRIVE as opposed to just passing the test. Was delighted to pass my test first time - would never have imagined that would happen when I started the lessons. Would highly recommend RSA Driving School.


Natalia O'Toole

Natalia O'Toole had driving lessons in Dublin and passed in Finglas.

I am so happy I found Colman at RSA Driving School! I drive to Carlow every day to work from Dublin and it is 1 hour at 120 km p/h. I failed 3 times prior to my recent test and I was nervous I wouldn't be able to shift from my normal driving to a slower, proper for a test mode. I also have developed my own observation techniques as many people do that have a few years of driving experience. I also had lessons with other driving schools before that I didn't benefit from and I needed professionals this time. I knew I could drive but could I pass the test this time a week before the test date was my question. I filled in an enquiry form on RSA Driving School's website and Colman contacted me. From the way he was talking, I understood he is taking that responsibility of making sure I pass this time and I was looking forward to the lesson. On the day of the lesson, he really narrowed it down for me and pointed out what was very important on the test. The previous instructors were teaching me too many different things but a lot of the time off point. Colman in the past was a tester and that was possibly the strongest point about his teaching technique. I had two lessons altogether prior to the test, too hours each. When I arrived to take the second lesson I met Tony and he told me he is going to do a lesson instead of Colman. I hoped that it won't be difficult for me as it is not the same instructor and the test was the next day. Tony was just as great as Colman. The difference between my previous instructors and RSA Driving School was huge. My rear light stopped working and Tony helped me to fit a bulb as well. Next day I passed my test and I couldn't believe how easy it was this time. I definitely recommend RSA Driving school and instructors Colman and Tony. The are professionals :)

RSA Driving School Loughlinstown -
Trusted as the greatest for a reason

At the RSA Driving School we have known through years of experience that you, our pupil, are only as good as the training you receive. The driver you become is the driver we create. We have elevated ourselves to the highest possible standards achievable in driving tuition and each of our instructors individualise their training to meet and suit the needs of each pupil, be they a beginner or someone preparing for the driving test. There is little doubt in our mind. RSA Driving School offers the finest driving lessons Dublin has on offer

Advantages of choosing RSA Driving School

Essential Driving Training Loughlinstown

The EDT training program! The driver training program almost all beginners have to undertake. 12 compulsory training lessons designed by the Road Safety Authority. Addressing all areas of driving from progression management to driving safely through traffic, the syllabus aims to provide all the required knowledge to be a risk-free and competent road user . Need to get your essential driver training in Loughlinstown done fast...we can help!.

Automatic Driving Lessons Loughlinstown

Automatic cars are becoming ever more popular. Being able to focus on aspects of your driving like car controls and anticipation and reaction is clearly one of the benefits of driving an automatic. For those that are tormented by changing gears or that just need an automatic licence we can help. We run automatic lessons all across Dublin. Call us now.

Pretest Driving Lessons Loughlinstown

You have done the hard part. Your EDT is complete and your test date letter has landed. It's a nerve wrenching prospect but as Dublin's leading pretest driving school specialists we are the only realistic choice when it comes to test preparation. We’re proud of everyone thats passed the test with us. Check out the kind words of our past pupils here.

Female Instructors Loughlinstown

In the not to distant past finding a lady driving instructor was challenging. As demand skyrockets, taking driving lessons with a female driving instructor is becoming standard which we think is fantastic for learners and the driving school business as a whole. We have female driving instructors all over Dublin ready to help you.

Modern Dual-Controlled Vehicles

Learning to drive is hard enough especially without power steering and all the new driving features that come with modern cars. Our fully insured dual-controlled cars will guarantee that you get the very best driving lesson experience in Loughlinstown. RSA Driving School has you covered.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers Loughlinstown

Although taking professional driving lessons is crucial to keeping yourself and road user safe it isn't cheap. And let's face it. When you are a young student coming up with money for driving lessons isn't always easy. Thats why we offer you the opportunity to purchase driving lesson gift vouchers for that special someone to help them on their way. There are rarely gifts that can change someones life but giving someone driving lessons is one of them.


Ailbhe O'Nolan

Ailbhe O'Nolan had driving lessons in Malahide and passed in Finglas.

Incredible! Patient, confident, professional tuition at a very reasonable price. My instructor Kev passed on his in-depth knowledge of the test and all aspects of driving and gave me the confidence I needed to get my full licence. I went from failing a pre-test to being one mark away from a clean sheet with just 4 lessons. I would recommend to anybody coming up to their test or even starting out.

The Parody of Pass Rates

We won't patronise you with stories of our grand pass rates. Any driving school that claims to have a 98% passrate or similar is quite frankly lying and could not prove it. Why try to mislead the public? Simple really. When your reputation is unknown or in question and you need to get new students in the door, manipulating stats is often the only option you have. The reality is that at least 10% of students fail the test due to unforeseen circumstances or technical issues with vehicles. By this statistic alone you can see that only a 90% pass rate would be achievable on average and we can assure you this is seldom the case. Fair warning, don't be fooled by these common place, outrageous claims.

Real reviews from real people

Forget about fake pass rates, we let our successful students do the talking and as you can see, as Dublin’s leading pretest driving school, if you need to pass the test RSA Driving School is the smart choice.


johnny corcoran

johnny corcoran had driving lessons in Malahide and passed in Rathgar.

Rang Paul with not much time to the test and he advised me what would be best with the time we had. I had two lessons which covered everything I needed and I went into the test quite confident. I found the lessons to be very practical throughout, with Paul telling me exactly what I needed for the test at each point in a very easy to get way without over complicating things. And more importantly where I was going wrong. He said he used to be an instructor himself, and I could see that he knew exactly what they'd be looking for , and was able to communicate that in a very relaxed and easy to understand manner. I'd highly recommend.

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