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A Driving School Baldoyle Residents Love


Sasson Haviv

Sasson Haviv had driving lessons in Howth and passed in Tallaght.

I passed my test with Rsa driving school, it was the second time Id taken the test but my first time with Rsa driving school, I had had a few different instructors with various schools over a few months I was so nervous and unsure but that changed so quickly in such a short time with Rsa school and I was so confident taking my test and couldn't believe how calm I was. Definitely recommend 100%


Kevin Coughlan

Kevin Coughlan had driving lessons in Dublin and passed in Finglas.

Great service. I had three lessons with Kev and passed first time. The cost was very reasonable, instructor was punctual and easily contacted. They also supplied the car which took a lot of the pressure off me. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to pass.

RSA Driving School Baldoyle -
Acknowledged as the greatest for a reason

At the RSA Driving School we have known through years of experience that you, our pupil, are only as good as the training you receive. The driver you become is the driver we create. We have elevated ourselves to the highest possible standards achievable in driving tuition and each of our instructors individualise their training to meet and suit the needs of each pupil, be they a beginner or someone preparing for the driving test. There is little doubt in our mind. RSA Driving School offers the finest driving lessons Baldoyle has on offer

The effective solution of countless - RSA Driving School

Essential Driving Training Baldoyle

The EDT training program! The driver training curriculum many new drivers must experience. The Road Safety Authority introduced this collection of 12 mandatory lessons in April 2011. This EDT program was rolled out with the sole objective of enhancing the delivery of the central areas of competent safe driving including everything from changing direction to speed management. Need to get your EDT in Baldoyle done fast...we can help!.

Automatic Driving Lessons Baldoyle

Learning to drive in an automatic car is on the up. Here's the facts, without having to worry about gear controls you can focus on aspects of your driving like changing direction and driving calmly. And of course choosing to learn in automatic is an excellent option for those that are tormented by gear changes or simply are not interested in having a full manual licence. We run automatic lessons all across Baldoyle. Call us now.

Pretest Driving Lessons Baldoyle

The time has come. Your driving test date has finally come after successfully completing your EDT . It's scary as hell but as Dublin's leading pretest driving school specialists we are the only realistic choice when it comes to test preparation. We’re proud of everyone thats passed the test with us. Read more of our reviews.

Female Instructors Baldoyle

Good news! The hardship of finding a lady driving instructor is a thing of the past. These days we are seeing a rising trend in female instructor requests and we think this is great for the industry. We have female driving instructors all over Dublin ready to help you.

Modern Dual-Controlled Vehicles

Learning to drive is a lot easier in modern cars and all the modern features they come with. Our fully insured dual-controlled cars will guarantee that you get the very best driving lesson experience in Baldoyle. RSA Driving School has you covered.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers Baldoyle

Although taking professional driving lessons is crucial to keeping yourself and road user safe it isn't cheap. Driving lesson costs for students can be a real burden to bear. In light of this, why not help that special someone and get them a driving lesson gift voucher. There are rarely gifts that can change someones life but giving someone driving lessons is one of them.

Moanie McMoanface

Moanie McMoanface had driving lessons in Dun Laoghaire and passed in Tallaght.

5 Lessons with RSA was all that I needed to pass my driving test, 2 of which i took on the morning of my driving test at Rathgar. I passed my driving test in the first attempt, all thanks to Colman and RSA. Colman pointed out exactly what was required to pass my test. He took me through the test routes which surprisingly or knowingly turned out to be 80-90% similar on the driving test itself. He pointed out my technical faults that only the way he can and consistently drilled down on me till the faults were corrected. I still remember the proverb MSPO MSS while driving today. I would highly recommend RSA and especially Colman, he is arguably the best in the business. My only regret was that I should have taken my EDT Lessons with Colman.

The Parody of Pass Rates

We won't patronise you with stories of our grand pass rates. The shameful truth is that any school that boasts pass rates of 98% are feeding you lies which they can not substantiate. Why lie? Simple really. When your reputation is unknown or in question and you need to get new students in the door, manipulating stats is often the only option you have. Here is the thing. Because of unforeseen circumstances or technical issues with vehicle a minimum of 10% of students fail the test on average. By this statistic alone you can see that only a 90% pass rate would be achievable on average and we can assure you this is seldom the case. Tread carefully when choosing your driving school and you see claims such as these.

We let our students do the talking for us

It's pretty simple. You can only trust those that have come before you. And we let them do the talking for us and as you can see, when it comes to maximising your chances of passing the driving test, we are Dublin's number 1 pretest driving school.


Hannah Kenny

Hannah Kenny had driving lessons in Dublin and passed in Tallaght.

Over the 6 years I've been driving I've done numerous lessons and pre tests using many different instructors (6+), so I've experienced a broad spectrum of quality Instructors. My RSA instructor made the top of the list by a long mile! In the lead up to my driving test - for the third time round - I felt increasingly anxious and nervous in comparison to the previous ones. My instructor installed confidence in my driving and assisted me with ironing out all of my unnecessary and poor habits - that ultimately would have generated a vast amount of marks in the driving test. I completed only two pre tests with my Instructor and can honestly can say that I couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism, clarity and consistency that was my instructor provided. Highly recommendable!!!

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