Essential Driver Training is a 12 hour mandatory syllabus from the Road Safety Authority for learner drivers with permits for category b cars and light vans. Each driving lesson has a set of expected outcomes and describes what you should be able to do at the end of each driving lesson. The following are the 12 Essential driver training modules:

Why do I need EDT driving lessons?

Any learner driver who wants to take driving lessons and was issued an Irish learner permit on or after the 04/04/2011 is required by law to complete the 12 EDT driving lesson program.

In a nutshell the statistics prove that inexperienced drivers are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a crash so it’s crucial that you get this mandatory training.

Who needs to be involved in your EDT Driving lessons?

  1. YOU
  2. OUR road safety approved driving instructor
  3. The SPONSOR

1. YOU

As a new learner driver about to embark on your driving career you need to be sensible and mature as to your approach to EDT. If you just throw your logbook in the drawer and take it back out whenever you take a driving lesson in Dublin then you could be more than likely will be involved in a crash.

If however you listen carefully as to how this syllabus works, what your role is how you need to practice and the type of practice needed then you will complete EDT successfully and with ease and ensure your own safety and the safety of others on our busy and dangerous roads.

2. OUR approved driving instructor

We see Essential driver training as a 3 way partnership - us, you and your sponsor

Prior to your first EDT lesson our instructor will meet with you and your sponsor to talk about how to proceed in the most positive and straight forward way. The EDT logbook is an important document and this will be explained in detail as to how to complete this properly by yourself and your sponsor. So everybody is signing from the same hymn sheet. What type of input the sponsor should have, how to complete the EDT logbook and overall how to get the very best results for the EDT driving lessons. Any questions that you or the sponsor might have can all be answered on this occasion. All of our Driving instructors are fully qualified Road Safety Authority Approved driving instructors ( and or ex-driving testers themselves.


Your sponsor supervises your driving practice between lessons .To get the most from your EDT driving lessons you must practice, practice, practice. The best person to do this with is the sponsor. The sponsor can be a family member, a friend but do have to commit to the time and effort needed to assist you with your practice sessions. The sponsor must hold a full license for at least 2 years. The sponsor needs to be able to:

  • Support the work of our Approved instructors
  • Understand and be sympathetic to your needs while learning
  • Stay calm under pressure
  • Demonstrate good driving themselves
  • Discuss the progress with our ADI from time to time

The EDT Logbook – Explained!

On your first driving lesson our ADI will give you your personal logbook which you must take great care of. This logbook sets out your lessons plan for each lesson of the essential driver training syllabus. As you complete your driving lessons our ADI will record your progress in your logbook and sign and stamp same. We will also ensure that each EDT driving lesson you complete is uploaded to the RSA website immediately after completion.

Our EDT driving lessons in Dublin are the most accurately delivered driving lessons around and sets all of our pupils up for the driving test which can only be passed with the attention to detail and in depth, specialized knowledge as to how the test should be approached and therefore passing the test with ease.

Non-EDT Driving Lessons

Only a short time ago every new learner driver in Ireland either learned from a friend, a family member or a driving instructor there was no regulation in place and no mandatory EDT lessons in place.

Why beginner driving lessons?

At our driving school we were teaching at the same standard and indeed higher, years before the new rules and regulations came into force. Basically ordinary driving lessons enable you to learn with ease and without a logbook and at a pace that suits you without compromising on quality and detail.

What are the benefits of basic driving lessons?

Non-EDT driving lessons or standard driving lessons as they are called are not compulsory by the Road Safety Authority so there is no need to sit the EDT syllabus. However you will find that the same number of lessons will be required to get to a reasonable standard of driving but you will need a lot of practice to develop your road craft and general on road awareness.

Essential driving lessons Dublin

Whether its EDT driving lessons or non-EDT beginner driving lessons our instructors are at hand to advise you in the best possible way about a plan and structure to ensure you become a safe and competent driver for life.