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Why Our EDT Students Successfully Pass The Driving Test On The First Try

Introducing ROADSKILL

 What is ROADSKILL and why is it a big factor in helping our students pass the driving test successfully on the first try

First-time EDT test takers usually fail the driving test because of severe lack of practice and a skillset that can be rightfully levelled as below novice. As a result, the level of expertise needed to pass the test is not reached. Every student must be made aware that specific outcomes and expectations are set after each driving lesson lined up in the EDT syllabus. These should be met after each driving lesson with the help of structured practice in between lesson schedules. This is where the significance of the instructor is realized. It is the role of the instructor to establish a suitable learning relationship with the student and correct faults when committed.

On the contrary, the driving test is a completely different experience. The tester will not speak unless instructions are to be given. This means that you are on your own for the entire 30-minute duration of the driving test. It is your responsibility to deal with all the possible situations that could arise in that time frame so you must learn to HELP AND PROTECT YOURSELF. How can you witness the test environment and experience the real test itself? The only way to achieve this is through ROADSKILL.

ROADSKILL effectively teaches novice drivers, who are newly exposed to EDT, to successfully pass the actual driving test on the first try through advanced teaching and driving techniques. It helps lower the risk of collision to a minimum by teaching drivers how to anticipate probable dangerous situations as a result of the mistakes committed by less-skilled drivers. It basically “puts an old head on young shoulders” which would help satisfy the tester and ultimately pass the driving test with flying colours.

New drivers fail the driving test because of inefficiency in the following areas:

  • Not reacting correctly or promptly to hazards;
  • Failure to react and anticipate emerging situations at junctions;
  • Poor vehicle and foot control;
  • Poor judgement in relation to clearance and anticipation of the actions of other road users;
  • Incorrect positioning of the vehicle at junctions and roundabouts; and
  • Inability to control the vehicle while observing the reverse/turnabout maneuver

ROADSKILL focuses solely on passing the driving test and leaves you with no doubts what so ever as to what you need to do and how you have to do it. We work tirelessly and relentlessly until you develop the appropriate skills and level of expertise. You will be taught how to think like a tester and anticipate his demeanour during the actual driving test.

You will get an in depth view on:

  • How the tester speaks;
  • How the tester thinks;
  • How the tester would like you to reverse around the corner;
  • How the tester wants you to perform the turnabout;
  • How he sees things from his point of view; and
  • How to interpret the marking sheet the tester holds on his/her lap while on the test.

We will give you demonstrations in all of these areas so you can see clearly how it should be done. You can also avail of our online video sections relevant to your weak points such as making left turns, positioning and so on. Most importantly, you will learn our techniques on how you can achieve a level of advanced scanning and planning. This will allow you to always predict what is about to happen before it actually does and rightfully guide you in making the right decision during the test itself.