What you need to know about the EDT

What is the EDT?

We are all well aware at this stage of the EDT and its introduction in April 2011. For those that do not know the EDT is a new initiative of graduated licensing for learner drivers. From the 4th of April 2011 the EDT will requires all learner drivers wishing to sit their driving test to obtain a certificate from their registered RSA instructor.

This certificate can be signed off in effect after 12 one hour lessons have been taken following a specific driving syllabus. Akin to that the RSA stipulate that these 12 lessons be taken during a six month period during which the test can not be sat. Keep in mind that the 12 hour syllabus will be in addition to all the hours training that will be needed to reach the standard required to pass the driving test along with private practice.

The EDT program is intended to cover many of the crucial skills needed to become a safe and competent driver and to help guarantee learners applying to sit the driving test have reached a satisfactory standard.

An Introduction to the EDT Logbook

The EDT logbook is made up of primarily four sections.

  • The instructor copy of the EDT modules 1-12 which the instructor tears off and retains for his records
  • The Learners copy of the EDT modules 1-12 which remains in the logbook
  • The self analysis page used by yourself to analyze your performance on each module and should be filled out accordingly
  • The sponsor page which records dates and times of practice sessions carried out in between the EDT modules

Note on the logbook itself says, "your ADI may wish to review your logbook to help in planning your next lesson and your Driving Tester may need to record it on the day of your driving test"


EDT Lesson Page


Self Analysis Page


Sponsor Page

Each one of the 12 one hour driving lessons has a set of expected outcomes which describes what you should be able to do at the end of a lesson. We will select routes that best allow you to cover the skills and road conditions expected in each lesson. At the end of each lesson we will tell you what you need to practice with your sponsor. Lessons 1-9 must be taken in that order. Lessons 9-12 can be taken in any order as you should have gained enough experience by then. Remember that the EDT course alone should not be considered enough to make you a competent driver. You will need to practice as much as possible with the sponsor to get the best from your training.

The Self Analysis Page

After each EDT driving lesson you should complete the Self Analysis page.
You will ask yourself:

  • Did I meet the expected outcome of today's lesson?
  • Do I understand the theory behind the topic covered?
  • What did I do well? What did I not do well on?
  • Was I properly prepared for the lesson?
  • How can I do better on future lessons?

This should be completed as soon as possible after the lesson. Your honest analysis will make for more efficiency in performance and greater knowledge retention on future lessons.

The Sponsor Page

The Sponsor/Parent should:

  • Understand and support the Approved Driving Instructor
  • Understand the difficulties you face while learning
  • Stay calm and patient under pressure
  • Demonstrate good driving skills and road craft themselves
  • Understand how important their role is
  • Take time to meet and discuss your progress with your driving instructor

It's advised that in between EDT driving lessons and in preparation for the next EDT lesson that 2-3 hours of practice be carried out by the sponsor. If this is not done the learner will struggle to make progress and therefore not meeting expected outcomes. This can lead to negative comments in the logbook which yourself and the tester will not want to see. Remember you only get back what you put in.

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