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Driving Lessons in Dublin 6W with Dublin’s Best Driving Instructors


Sean Lim

Sean Lim had driving lessons in Dublin and passed in raheny.

Today i passed my C1 driving exam...and i'm so happy! A few weeks ago I had a CPC case study training with the best instructor Peter! and it was one of the best decisions,It was a long day but i learned a lot (plus i've got a few learning materials) and i knew what should i expect on all of the tests. With no problem i pass my cpc theory test and after driving lessons i was ready for big day.in the morning i was very stressed and i had a bad feelings,Peter said i will pass it because i'm well trained. i passed All of my exams at 1 st attempt!!! thanks very much Peter !


Natalia O'Toole

Natalia O'Toole had driving lessons in Dublin and passed in Finglas.

I am so happy I found Colman at RSA Driving School! I drive to Carlow every day to work from Dublin and it is 1 hour at 120 km p/h. I failed 3 times prior to my recent test and I was nervous I wouldn't be able to shift from my normal driving to a slower, proper for a test mode. I also have developed my own observation techniques as many people do that have a few years of driving experience. I also had lessons with other driving schools before that I didn't benefit from and I needed professionals this time. I knew I could drive but could I pass the test this time a week before the test date was my question. I filled in an enquiry form on RSA Driving School's website and Colman contacted me. From the way he was talking, I understood he is taking that responsibility of making sure I pass this time and I was looking forward to the lesson. On the day of the lesson, he really narrowed it down for me and pointed out what was very important on the test. The previous instructors were teaching me too many different things but a lot of the time off point. Colman in the past was a tester and that was possibly the strongest point about his teaching technique. I had two lessons altogether prior to the test, too hours each. When I arrived to take the second lesson I met Tony and he told me he is going to do a lesson instead of Colman. I hoped that it won't be difficult for me as it is not the same instructor and the test was the next day. Tony was just as great as Colman. The difference between my previous instructors and RSA Driving School was huge. My rear light stopped working and Tony helped me to fit a bulb as well. Next day I passed my test and I couldn't believe how easy it was this time. I definitely recommend RSA Driving school and instructors Colman and Tony. The are professionals :)

RSA Driving School Dublin 6W -
Experience you can rely on

When learning to drive there is a simple truth. You’re only as good as the company you keep. And that company should be RSA Driving School. That is because the student is only ever as good as the teacher. Our instructors are true professionals that have been trained to recognise the needs of each student and deliver personalised training to maximise their development and success. The sad truth is that this standard of tuition is not common place but we wish it was. There is little doubt in our mind. RSA Driving School offers the finest driving lessons Dublin 6W has on offer

RSA Driving School in Dublin 6W - Why choose us?

Essential Driving Training Dublin 6W

If you're a learner you will be required to carry out the EDT program. 12 compulsory lessons designed by the Road Safety Authority. This EDT program was rolled out with the sole objective of enhancing the delivery of the core areas of knowledgeable safe driving including everything from changing direction to anticipation and reaction. If you have to do your Essential Driver Training, we can help you get it done fast.

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin 6W

Learning to drive in an automatic car is on the up. Being able to focus on aspects of your driving like correct positioning and driving at night is clearly one of the benefits of learning to drive in an automatic. For those that are tormented by changing gears or that just want to solely learn to drive in an automatic we can help. We conduct automatic lessons all across Dublin 6W. Call us now.

Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin 6W

You're almost there. Your EDT is complete and your driving test your driving test date has arrived. You’ve seen our reviews so rest easy, choose us for your pretest driving lessons in Dublin 6W and we will help you overcome your anxiety and fix those bad habits. And our reputation speaks for itself...but don't take our word for it. Read more of our reviews.

Female Instructors Dublin 6W

Many years ago female driving instructors were are rare breed. These days we are seeing a rising trend in lady instructor requests and we think this is great for the industry. We have female driving instructors all over Dublin ready to help you.

Modern Dual-Controlled Vehicles

Imagine turning up to your first driving lesson and seeing a beat up old banger. You'd know straight away that learning to drive in that would be tough. We are proud to offer our students the best possible driving lesson experience in our modern fully insured dual-controlled driving school vehicles. RSA Driving School has you covered.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers Dublin 6W

It ain't cheap getting on the road. Driving lesson costs for students can be a real burden to bear. In light of this, why not help that special someone and get them a driving lesson gift voucher. No more asking for lifts, a wealth of job opportunities and freedom to travel. There is no better gift in the world.


Bernard Coffey

Bernard Coffey had driving lessons in Clondalkin and passed in Rathgar.

My test date had changed and only realised this the night before my test!! I got in contact with Paul at 9 o clock and he was good enough to fit me in the next day the day of the test for two hours before my test. Paul was excellent and made it very simple and clear on what i needed to know to pass the test. I would highly recommend him as an instructor as he breaks it down very easily to you on how to pass the test. Thanks again

The Parody of Pass Rates

Unlike other driving schools, we’re not going to try and blinker you with pass rates. The shameful truth is that any school that boasts pass rates of 98% are feeding you lies which they can not substantiate. Why lie? Because their real reputation is poor and out of a desperation and want to get their hands on your hard earned euros, they try to manipulate you with fake stats. The reality is that at least 10% of students fail the test due to unforeseen circumstances or technical issues with vehicles. By this statistic alone you can see that only a 90% pass rate would be achievable on average and we can assure you this is seldom the case. Fair warning, don't be fooled by these common place, outrageous claims.

Real reviews from real people

It's pretty simple. You can only trust those that have come before you. And we let them do the talking for us and as you can see, when it comes to maximising your chances of passing the driving test, we are Dublin's number 1 pretest driving school.


Eadaoin Hayes

Eadaoin Hayes had driving lessons in Blackrock and passed in raheny.

I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone looking to pass their test. I was very short on time and three days before the test contacted Alan and his team. With only a few hours lessons I was test ready! Very professional and helpful. They know how to pass tests! Alan was a fantastic instructor. Having failed before I was nervous and had resigned myself to failing again. However thanks to RSA driving school that wasn't the case.

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