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Driving Lessons Dublin 16 Locals Will Love


Sean Lim

Sean Lim had driving lessons in Dublin and passed in raheny.

Today i passed my C1 driving exam...and i'm so happy! A few weeks ago I had a CPC case study training with the best instructor Peter! and it was one of the best decisions,It was a long day but i learned a lot (plus i've got a few learning materials) and i knew what should i expect on all of the tests. With no problem i pass my cpc theory test and after driving lessons i was ready for big day.in the morning i was very stressed and i had a bad feelings,Peter said i will pass it because i'm well trained. i passed All of my exams at 1 st attempt!!! thanks very much Peter !


Michaela Phelan

Michaela Phelan had driving lessons in Castleknock and passed in Finglas.

Sat my test today for the first time I was so nervous the weather was unbelievable and against all odds i passed thanks to Michael from RSA who gave me a few lessons in his car. I cant recommend Michael enough without his help i would have failed without a doubt.If you want to pass then defo go with kevin.

RSA Driving School Dublin 16 -
A reputation built on knowledge

When learning to drive there is a simple truth. You’re only as good as the company you keep. And that company should be RSA Driving School. The driver you become is the driver we create. Our instructors are true professionals that have been trained to recognise the needs of each student and deliver personalised training to maximise their development and success. The sad truth is that this standard of tuition is not common place but we wish it was. There is little doubt in our mind. RSA Driving School offers the finest driving lessons Dublin 16 has on offer

RSA Driving School - The Practical Choice. Here’s why

Essential Driving Training Dublin 16

If you're a beginner you will need to carry out the EDT program. The Road Safety Authority rolled out this set of 12 compulsory lessons in April 2011. This training syllabus was introduced with the sole objective of improving the delivery of the core facets of knowledgeable safe driving including everything from changing direction to night driving. Need to get your EDT in Dublin 16 done fast...we can help!.

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin 16

A rising trend we’ve seen with many learners is the request to take lessons in an automatic car. Being able to focus on aspects of your driving like car controls and driving safely through traffic is certainly one of the benefits of driving an automatic. And of course choosing to learn in automatic is an excellent solution for those that are struggling with gear changes or simply are not interested in driving a manual transmission vehicle. We run automatic driving lessons all across Dublin. Call us now.

Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin 16

The time has come. You’ve finally got your driving test date after successfully completing your EDT . You’ve seen our reviews so rest easy, choose us for your pretest driving lessons in Dublin 16 and we will help you overcome those nerves and bad habits. We’re proud of everyone thats passed the test with us. Read more of our reviews.

Female Instructors Dublin 16

Many years ago female driving instructors were are rare breed. As demand skyrockets, taking driving lessons with a lady driving instructor is becoming the norm which we think is great for students and the driving school business . If you need a lady instructor...call us now..

Modern Dual-Controlled Vehicles

Imagine turning up to your first driving lesson and seeing a beat up old banger. You'd know straight away that learning to drive in that would be tough. We are proud to offer our students the best possible driving lesson experience in our modern fully insured dual-controlled driving school vehicles. RSA Driving School has you covered.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers Dublin 16

Ask any young adult these days what their biggest concern is when it comes to learning to drive and most will say the money. In light of this, why not help that special someone and get them a driving lesson gift voucher. What better gift can there be than the gift of driving and all the opportunities that come with it.


Cormac Stafford

Cormac Stafford had driving lessons in Howth and passed in Tallaght.

Today I passed my driving test on my second attempt. I couldn't understand how I failed my first test as I had been driving for close to a year. I rang the RSA driving school and after 3 lessons with Cornel I fully understood what I was doing wrong. He pointed out my faults and told me how to improve on them. The Mock test which I sat yesterday with him was a huge help and was great preparation for the test today. His instructions were very concise and were really easy to understand. He's a a fantastic instructor! I strongly recommend the RSA driving school to everyone who still hasn't sat their test, beginners or experienced.

The Parody of Pass Rates

Unlike other driving schools, we’re not going to try and blinker you with pass rates. Any driving school that claims to have a 98% passrate or similar is quite frankly lying and could not prove it. Why lie? Because their real reputation is poor and out of a desperation and want to get their hands on your hard earned euros, they try to manipulate you with fake stats. The reality is that at least 10% of students fail the test due to unforeseen circumstances or technical issues with vehicles. As I’m sure you can appreciate that means at best only 90% pass rate is achievable and even that is pushing the envelope of possibility. Fair warning, don't be fooled by these common place, outrageous claims.

Real reviews from real people

Forget about fake pass rates, we let our successful students do the talking and as you can see, when it comes to maximising your chances of passing the driving test, we are Dublin's number 1 pretest driving school.


Hannah Kenny

Hannah Kenny had driving lessons in Dublin and passed in Tallaght.

Over the 6 years I've been driving I've done numerous lessons and pre tests using many different instructors (6+), so I've experienced a broad spectrum of quality Instructors. My RSA instructor made the top of the list by a long mile! In the lead up to my driving test - for the third time round - I felt increasingly anxious and nervous in comparison to the previous ones. My instructor installed confidence in my driving and assisted me with ironing out all of my unnecessary and poor habits - that ultimately would have generated a vast amount of marks in the driving test. I completed only two pre tests with my Instructor and can honestly can say that I couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism, clarity and consistency that was my instructor provided. Highly recommendable!!!

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